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Fantasia City School is the preschool that provides complete childcare services for children’s total development. Children 1 to 5years discover the world through imitation, initiation and pattern completion.

At Fantasia City School, learning is more than texts or graphics; it is a connection with the world through exploration, experience and engagements. Fantasia City adopts the three I’s in aiding children to maximize their potentials:

Individualized – students needs and assets are continually assessed to develop strategies to meet individual needs and amplify potentials.

Intentional – Activities and execution are meaningful and contributes towards the larger goal of understanding the world to make creative impacts.

Integrated – Throughout the day, there is a balanced blend of academics, emotional, social, physical and language activities; to promote academic success and healthy behavior.


Our rigorous Unified Curriculum, an alignment of the American, British, Montessori, and Nigerian Curriculums, ensures that every child is exposed to a variety of learning methods necessary for knowledge immersion.